What Is Paresthesia? Understanding the ‘Pins and Needles’ Feeling

Do you ever expertise a burning, tingling, or numb sensation in sure components of your physique? If sure, you might need paresthesia, generally known as pins and needle sensation. This sensation often happens within the legs and arms, however different areas may also get affected.

Feeling pins and needles within the toes or arms could be irritating, however there are therapies and different easy methods to alleviate it. Paresthesia happens when a nerve will get irritated as a consequence of extreme stress and begins to ship out further indicators to the physique.

Whereas it is a momentary situation that may occur when the physique half falls asleep, for some individuals, although, it will possibly result in a everlasting challenge or be a symptom of a severe well being situation.

Causes of paresthesia

Some frequent causes of momentary and power paresthesia embrace:


  • Pinched or compressed nerve
  • panic assaults
  • whiplash
  • dehydration
  • hyperventilation
  • seizures
  • repetitive actions
  • circulatory problems
Panic attacks are a major cause of temporary paresthesia. (Photo via Pexels/SHVETS production)
Panic assaults are a significant reason behind momentary paresthesia. (Photograph by way of Pexels/SHVETS manufacturing)


  • poisonous publicity
  • extreme infections
  • drugs
  • systematic sickness
  • hereditary problems
  • hyperthyroidism
  • dietary deficiencies

You’ll often get the feeling of pins and needles in your arms, legs, or toes, however it will possibly occur in any a part of the physique too. You would really feel an itching, burning, and tingling, or a sensation of pins and needles everywhere in the physique.

Why do you get pins and needles feeling?

This sharp sensation is principally an indication {that a} nerve is irritated and is sending out extra indicators to the physique than typical. If the nerve is pinched or compressed for a very long time, it causes a block and doesn’t obtain the power and oxygen it must ship indicators to the mind.

This steady stress on the nerve causes the feeling of pins and needles everywhere in the physique, largely affecting the arms and legs. The feeling goes away as soon as the stress is diminished.

You’ll be able to expertise momentary paresthesia at any time – it will possibly occur whenever you sleep together with your arms pinned below your pillow or when your legs are crossed. Power paresthesia, although, can final for a very long time and is an indication of an underlying well being situation

Paresthesia therapy

The therapy choices largely rely on the trigger. Whereas the momentary one goes away by itself after a while, there are methods to cut back the pins and needle sensation.


Taking correct relaxation is without doubt one of the greatest issues you are able to do for a pinched nerve. Cease all actions that may trigger stress on the nerve in order that it is permit to heal correctly. An individual with carpal tunnel syndrome can use a wrist brace to immobilize his/her wrist.


Medicines can help ease pain and swelling. (Photo via Pexels/Pixabay)
Medicines will help ease ache and swelling. (Photograph by way of Pexels/Pixabay)

Sure drugs may also be taken to alleviate ache and scale back swelling and pinching sensation. Drugs also can assist scale back irritation, however they need to be taken as prescribed and really helpful by the physician.

Bodily remedy

Bodily remedy may also be efficient for relieving the signs and assist develop energy within the muscle tissues. Robust and wholesome muscle tissues can ease extreme stress and in addition forestall it from reoccurring.

If the aforementioned therapy choices don’t present aid, the physician could advocate surgical procedure to cut back the stress on the pinched and compressed nerves. Surgical procedure can embrace eradicating a bone spur or carpal ligament, relying on the issue and severity of signs.

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