A Poem by Ruth Awad: ‘Causes to Reside’

bugs in the air, smudged against a blurred image of the sky fading from light blue to light yellow
Chien-Chi Chang / Magnum

As a result of in the event you can survive
the violet night time, you’ll be able to survive

the following, and the fig tree will ache
with sweetness for you in daylight that arrives

first at your window, quietly pawing
even when you’ll be able to’t stand it,

and also you’ll heavy the whining floorboards
of the home you full of animals

as damage and misplaced as you, and the bearded irises will type
totally of their roots, their golden manes

swaying with the need of spring—
dwell, dwell, dwell, dwell!

at some point you’ll put your palms within the earth
and perceive an afterlife isn’t promised,

however the spray of scorpion grass retains rising,
and the canine will sing their entire our bodies

in reward of you, and the redbuds will lay
down their pink crowns, and the rivers

will set their stones and ribbons
at your door if solely

you’ll let the world
soften you with its touching.

This poem has been excerpted from the gathering You Are Here, edited by Ada Limón.  

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