Pure Sugar Substitutes to Fulfill Your Candy Tooth

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When our household made the transition to a real food diet I believed sugar was off the menu. Whereas I don’t have a lot of a candy tooth, generally I need to bask in a (wholesome) dessert. I found sweetness is feasible in a real-food weight loss plan with pure sugar substitutes. Wholesome doesn’t must imply avoiding sweeteners completely. It simply means avoiding added sugars, particularly extremely processed desk sugar. 

Changing sugar with pure options can take some work at first. However when you study the fundamentals and improve your pantry selections, cooking with the occasional pure sweeteners turns into second nature. 

What’s Mistaken With Sugar? 

Oh let me depend the methods… Not solely does sugar contribute to tooth decay, however it may result in different points like gingivitis. 

After we eat sugar, it causes speedy glucose spikes adopted by low blood sugar ranges and an vitality crash. Extra sugar is transformed to fats within the physique, resulting in weight achieve.

Over time, this sample can result in insulin resistance, the place our cells develop into much less aware of the hormone insulin. Insulin resistance can ultimately result in sort 2 diabetes, weight problems, and an elevated threat of coronary heart illness. 

That’s to not point out the irritation and addictive eating sugar could cause.

Excessive-Fructose Corn Syrup

One well-liked sweetener you’ll discover in lots of processed meals (particularly in America) is excessive fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Whereas it’s low-cost to make it has tons of fructose that may result in overeating and well being issues.  

That’s as a result of the physique metabolizes fructose in a different way than glucose. Fructose is extra simply saved as fats within the liver. In the end, it contributes to non-alcoholic fatty liver illness (NAFLD), weight achieve, and weight problems.

How About Synthetic Sweeteners?

Many individuals who keep away from sugar flip to synthetic sweeteners as an alternative. Artificial sweeteners are low-calorie or zero-calorie sweeteners promoted for weight reduction. The primary non-caloric sugar substitutes in the marketplace got here from a lab. These are the most typical synthetic sweeteners:

  • Saccharin (a well-liked model is Candy’n Low) 
  • Aspartame (the sweetener present in Equal) 
  • Sucralose (present in Splenda) 
  • Acesulfame potassium (additionally referred to as Ace-Okay) 

The U.S. Meals and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates synthetic sweeteners as meals components. The FDA says they’re protected when used inside established acceptable each day intakes. Nevertheless, scientific research says otherwise.

My Favourite Pure Sugar Substitutes

If you wish to decrease your processed sugar consumption, contemplate these pure sweeteners. They’re nonetheless not one thing I exploit on a regular basis, however they’re a lot more healthy for the occasional deal with.

Uncooked Honey 

My most popular sweetener of alternative is raw honey. Not like processed honey, it retains lots of the useful compounds and vitamins. 

Well being Advantages:

Uncooked honey has plenty of advantages:

  • Vitamins: Uncooked honey has antioxidants, nutritional vitamins, minerals, and small quantities of amino acids. It’s additionally wealthy in enzymes. 
  • Antibacterial and antifungal properties: The propolis in uncooked honey is antibacterial and antifungal and should assist candida overgrowth.
  • Prebiotics: Distinctive carbohydrates in honey referred to as oligosaccharides in honey feed beneficial gut bacteria.
  • Potential allergy aid: On account of its native pollen content material, uncooked honey could calm an excessively delicate immune system.

Uncooked honey continues to be a supply of sugars and energy, so get pleasure from it carefully.

The place to purchase: Uncooked honey could be costly in small portions. Discovering an area bulk provider from an area apiary, farmer’s market, or pure meals retailer is normally the most suitable choice. 

How I exploit it: I exploit honey to naturally sweeten baked items. I’ll additionally drizzle it over pancakes, waffles, yogurt, and even selfmade ice cream.

Maple Syrup 

Maple syrup is a pure sweetener from sugar maple tree sap. It’s not the high-fructose pancake syrup you discover within the cereal aisle! 

Well being Advantages: Maple syrup has small quantities of minerals, like manganese, iron, calcium, and zinc. It additionally has some antioxidants.

The place to purchase: You may be capable to discover domestically produced maple syrup in your space. Keep away from shopping for “maple-flavored syrups” made with synthetic components. The one ingredient in pure maple syrup ought to be“maple syrup.” 

How I exploit it: I exploit maple syrup to sweeten baked items and drizzle over hot breakfast cereal, pancakes, and waffles.

Sucanat or Muscovado 

Sucanat is basically dried sugar cane juice. It’s unprocessed in comparison with white or brown sugar. “Sucanat” stands for sugar cane pure.” To make sucanat, sugar cane juice is extracted and evaporated. It’s then dried into granules. Sucanat subs 1:1 for white sugar in most recipes

Muscovado is a sticky, minimally processed brown sugar comprised of sugar cane juice. It’s darkish in colour and wealthy in taste as a result of molasses nonetheless current. As a result of it’s minimally processed, it retains its minerals. Muscovado subs 1:1 for brown sugar in most recipes. 

Sure, sucanat and muscovado are nonetheless processed. However they’re a lot nearer to the unique state than extremely processed, stripped, and refined sugar.

Observe: Baked items made with these sweeteners can have a darker colour and slight molasses taste.

Well being Advantages: These sweeteners retain some vitamins from the entire sugar cane. Examples are iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and B nutritional vitamins. Whereas solely current in small quantities, these complete sugars present some hint vitamins refined sugar lacks. In addition they have these properties:

  • Decrease glycemic: As a result of they’re much less processed, these sugars have a barely decrease glycemic index than refined sugar. The slower enhance in blood sugar can help balanced glucose levels.
  • Potential antioxidants: The molasses in sucanat and muscovado could contribute some antioxidant compounds.

The place to purchase: Sucanat and muscovado could also be difficult to seek out domestically, though some pure meals shops could carry them. For muscovado, you too can verify your nearest Indian grocery retailer. Ideally, purchase natural. You can too order sucanat and muscovado online right here.

How I exploit it: Sucanat can change white sugar or brown sugar in most recipes. Nevertheless, sucanat does have a caramel-like taste. I’m extra seemingly to make use of muscovado in recipes calling for brown sugar, like chocolate chip cookies.

Coconut Sugar 

Coconut Sugar, often known as coconut palm sugar, is made by heating and dehydrating coconut palm sap. It’s a well-liked sugar different as a consequence of its minimal processing and potential well being advantages. Plus coconut sugar is extra sustainable to develop than sugar cane.

Well being Advantages:

  • Vitamins: Coconut sugar has small quantities of vitamins like iron, zinc, potassium, and B nutritional vitamins.
  • Decrease glycemic: Coconut sugar has a decrease glycemic index than common desk sugar, so it has much less impression on blood sugar ranges.
  • Inulin as a prebiotic: Coconut sugar could have inulin, a dietary fiber with prebiotic results. Inulin promotes useful micro organism within the intestine and helps digestive well being.

The place to purchase: I like Healthful Sweeteners’ sustainably sourced coconut sugar. You’ll be able to usually discover this pure sugar substitute at your native grocery, pure meals retailer, or on-line.

How I exploit it: Coconut sugar has a wealthy, caramel-like taste that may improve many recipes. You’ll be able to usually use it 1:1 to switch white or brown sugar.

Monk Fruit Sweetener 

Monk fruit (luo han guo) is a Southeast Asian fruit wealthy in antioxidant compounds referred to as mogrosides. Meals producers use mogrosides to make the non-nutritive sweetener monk fruit extract.

Well being Advantages:

  • Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory: Some analysis suggests monk fruit mogrosides have anti-inflammatory properties. A 2013 examine discovered these compounds could cut back diabetes-related oxidative stress.
  • Helps a wholesome weight: Monk fruit is low in energy and doesn’t spike insulin (which may result in weight achieve). 
  • Protects in opposition to diabetes: As a result of monk fruit doesn’t considerably increase blood sugar, it could assist these with diabetes. It may possibly additionally assist anybody desirous to handle their blood sugar ranges.
  • Could defend in opposition to most cancers: The antioxidants in monk fruit could defend in opposition to most cancers. 

The place to purchase: Many grocery shops carry monk fruit sweetener. It’s usually combined with erythritol however this model makes use of allulose and monk fruit extract.

Small quantities of erythritol are okay sometimes, but it surely causes digestive points for some individuals. In case your intestine is compromised, it might be greatest to skip it. 

How I exploit it: Monk fruit swaps out for white sugar at a 1:1 ratio. I additionally use the liquid version for issues like tea or espresso.

Allulose as a Pure Sugar Substitute

Allulose is a low-calorie sugar that happens naturally in some meals, like wheat, raisins, and figs. Whereas it has the identical chemical components as glucose, its construction is barely totally different. That provides it some distinctive properties, like a low-calorie content material and a low glycemic index. 

You’ll usually discover it in ready merchandise. It’s an ideal possibility for many who need to cut back sugar consumption with out sacrificing their favourite treats. Not everybody tolerates allulose and it may trigger digestive points in giant quantities. Be taught extra about allulose here.

The place to purchase: You will discover granulated allulose or liquid allulose here.


Individuals get pleasure from date fruits for his or her pure sweetness and wealthy caramel-like taste. They’re not solely scrumptious, however they’ve many well being advantages as a consequence of their nutrient content material. 

Well being Advantages: 

  • Vitamins: Dates are a superb supply of nutritional vitamins and minerals, together with potassium, magnesium, vitamin B6, and fiber.
  • Decrease glycemic: Regardless of their pure sweetness, dates have a comparatively low glycemic index. The fiber in dates may assist average blood sugar ranges.
  • Wealthy in fiber: The dietary fiber in dates feeds good micro organism and promotes common bowel movements. Fiber additionally helps us really feel fuller.
  • Antioxidant properties: Dates have varied antioxidants that assist defend cells from oxidative stress.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Some compounds in dates have anti-inflammatory results.
  • Digestive well being: The soluble fiber in dates can promote a wholesome intestine and help useful intestine micro organism. 

The place to purchase: Dried dates can be found at most grocery and pure meals shops. After all, you too can find them online. You may additionally discover date syrup, a sweetener just like honey.

How I exploit them: I mix pitted dates in a meals processor to create candy uncooked meals treats. Take one or two soaked dates and add them to smoothies for complete meals sweetness. Strive complete dates in my Molasses Cookies recipe or Wellness Energy Bars). You can too make your individual date syrup.

Whereas dates supply many well being advantages, they’re high-carbohydrate as a consequence of their pure sugars. You’ll want to eat them carefully as a part of a balanced weight loss plan.

Contemporary Fruit 

Fruit is of course candy, making it the proper sweetener for fast breads, pancakes, and waffles. Fruits are additionally wealthy in important vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, and pure sugars.

Well being Advantages: 

  • Wealthy in vitamins: Contemporary fruits are glorious sources of vitamin C, vitamin A, and varied B nutritional vitamins. In addition they have minerals like potassium, magnesium, and folate. 
  • Antioxidants: Fruits are wealthy in antioxidants like nutritional vitamins C and E. They’re additionally excessive in lots of phytochemicals. Antioxidants assist neutralize dangerous free radicals, reducing oxidative stress and cell harm.
  • Blood Sugar Management: Fiber naturally accompanies the pure sugars in fruits. This will sluggish the absorption of sugars into the bloodstream, stabilizing glucose ranges.
  • Coronary heart Well being: Fruits like berries, citrus fruits, and apples can support coronary heart well being as a consequence of their dietary fiber. And the antioxidants and vitamins promote healthy cholesterol levels and blood strain.
  • Digestive Well being: Fruits are a wonderful supply of fiber for a wholesome intestine microbiome. It additionally promotes common bowel actions, stopping constipation.

The place to purchase: Native farmers and farmers’ markets. The natural produce part of your native pure meals co-op or grocery retailer

How I exploit it: I like so as to add one or two mashed bananas to my pancakes and waffles as an alternative of including additional sugar. This similar method works in lots of muffin and quickbread recipes. 

Applesauce is another fruit-based sweetener that blends properly into pancakes or muffins. Naturally candy fruit may sweeten plain yogurt. Fruit or fruit juice additionally add sweetness to smoothies and selfmade ice cream. 


If you wish to keep away from calorie sweeteners, stevia is an efficient possibility. Stevia is a natural, zero-calorie sweetener derived from the Stevia plant. Whereas some individuals discover an aftertaste from stevia, it’s a well-liked sugar-free and plant-based sweetener. 

Stevia is tremendous candy and can’t simply substitute for honey, maple syrup, or sugar. 

Well being Advantages:

  • Zero energy: Stevia is nearly calorie-free.
  • Blood sugar regulation: Stevia doesn’t considerably impression blood glucose.
  • Antioxidant Properties: Some research recommend stevia has antioxidant properties.  
  • Potential Anti-Inflammatory Results: Stevia’s antioxidants could have anti-inflammatory properties.

Whereas stevia gives potential advantages, like several sweetener it’s greatest to make use of it carefully. 

The place to purchase: Search for stevia with out synthetic sweeteners or chemical components. 

How I exploit it: I sometimes use whole-leaf stevia or stevia glycerites.  However I keep away from the white processed and powdered variations. You’ll be able to learn extra about stevia here.

Pure Sweeteners I Don’t Suggest

These are some sugar substitutes I don’t advocate. A few of them don’t have sufficient security analysis, whereas others have too many destructive well being results.

Sugar Alcohols

Sugar alcohols are a sort of carbohydrate generally used as sugar substitutes. Some widespread sugar alcohols embrace xylitol, erythritol, and sorbitol. They’re a hybrid of sugar and alcohol molecules (a special sort than what’s in alcoholic drinks).

Sugar alcohols are candy in style however have fewer energy than common sugar. They don’t spike blood sugar, in order that they’re usually utilized in merchandise marketed to these with diabetes. You’ll discover them in sugar-free candies and sweets. In addition they don’t contribute to tooth decay like different forms of sweeteners.

Nevertheless, sugar alcohols could trigger bloating and digestive misery for some individuals as a result of they could alter intestine micro organism.

Well being Advantages:

  • Low glycemic: Sugar alcohols are very low on glycemic index, in order that they don’t spike blood sugar.
  • Decrease Caloric Content material: Sugar alcohols usually have fewer energy than common sugar in order that they’re well-liked in “weight loss plan” meals.
  • Dental Well being: Sugar alcohols are much less more likely to promote tooth decay in comparison with common sugars. They aren’t as simply metabolized by oral micro organism, so there’s much less acid to wreck tooth enamel.
  • Antioxidant potential: Some analysis reveals erythritol can counteract free radicals.

Non-GMO xylitol or erythritol in small quantities could be okay sometimes, however they trigger digestive points for some individuals. In case your intestine is compromised, it’s greatest to skip it. 

The place to purchase: Sugar alcohols are well-liked sufficient that you simply’ll discover them at your native grocery retailer. In the event you resolve to make use of these sweeteners, you’ll want to get natural. Each xylitol and erythritol can come from corn, so going natural ensures non-GMO. 

How I exploit them: With what I at present learn about sugar alcohols, I solely use xylitol from birch wood in selfmade toothpaste. At this level, I favor the opposite pure sweeteners listed above for meals.

Agave Nectar

Agave nectar (agave syrup) is derived from agave sap, primarily from blue agave. This sap is collected, filtered, after which processed to create the candy syrup. Agave is understood for its delicate taste and is a pure different to sugar and honey. 

Agave has a decrease glycemic index than different sugars. Nevertheless, that’s as a consequence of its excessive fructose content material. Fructose is unhealthy to your liver and units you up for cravings. I don’t use or advocate agave nectar.

Backside Line on Pure Sugar Substitutes

With pure sweeteners within the pantry, our household can get pleasure from basic treats with out compromising on taste. Remember that carbs do matter, whether or not they come from white sugar or coconut sugar. Moderation is essential, even with pure sweeteners. So now you possibly can have your cake and eat it too!

What pure sugar substitutes do you employ? Share with us under!

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